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 Princess Connect! Re: Dive is a Japanese Anime TV series written by Asahiro Kakashi, Produced by CygamesPictures.


  • Type- TV Anime Series
  • Titles- Princess Connect! Re: Dive
  • Genres- Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
  • Aired- 2020~
  • Rating- PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
  • Seasons- 2
  • Duration- 23 min. per ep.


The members of the Gourmet Guild—Yuuki, Kokkoro, Pecorine, and Karyl—continue to scour the world in pursuit of their goal to seek out all delicious food in existence. However, as their adventures progress, the mysteries behind Yuuki’s memories, Karyl’s allegiance, and Pecorine’s heritage begin to come together—seemingly forming the truth that makes up the world’s very foundation.

In the continent of Astraea, a man falls from the sky, possessing no memories other than his name, YuukiAn elf named Kokkoro finds him, introducing herself as his guide in the world they are about to traverse. With Kokkoro’s guidance, Yuuki is able to learn how this world works, from battling monsters to handling currency.

To earn money for their journey, Yuuki and Kokkoro decide to go to a nearby guild association to accept a simple quest. In their expedition, they meet Pecorine, a somewhat gluttonous but charming girl skilled in battle. The next day, they also meet Karyl, a catgirl specializing in magic.

After some time, a bond of friendship and camaraderie forms between them, and the four decide to create a guild of their own. As they continue their adventures, they explore the world, meet new people, and will perhaps uncover the mysteries behind Yuuki’s missing memories.

Download and Watch

Watch Princess Connect! Re: Dive, Anime Movie on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Aniplex. It has 2 seasons released containing 25 episodes in total. Princess Connect! Re: Dive Anime series is available in the original Language Japanese as well as in English dubbed.



Its strange plot is so bizarre it just leaves you speechless and then giggling to death. However, Princess Connect is not that. Yes, it’s like KonoSuba, but it gives off cozy vibes. It’s like the icing on a cake. It’s sweet, delicious, and most of all, its tasty.

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